About Us

At Caliber Security Partners, we understand that you need to make decisions that will affect the safety and security of your company, users, and data. These decisions can positively or negatively effect your company's future. As your partner, we are invested in your decisions and outcomes. We work to help you understand your security risks to allow you to make the best decisions for your company.

Many information security companies only provide a handful of cookie cutter services. At Caliber, we assess your unique business situation and provide you with the full spectrum of services and assistance required to protect your company. Our services combined with our GRC Select suite allow us to meet your current security needs and help you understand and manage future risks.

To improve what we offer you within privacy and security, we acquired Concise Consulting. We also acquired Third Defense, an innovate SaaS provider, that helps us bring awareness and usable information to our clients to help manage and communicate risk throughout the organization.

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