Compliance Communicator

Faster Compliance Assessments

Compliance Communicator represents the first compliance focused application in GRC Select. It's a simple application replacing spreadsheets to document controls, store related evidence, and automate reporting.

Single or Multi-Standard

Compliance Communicator comes with a growing list of control standards. You can select a single standard to complete your assessment or you can leverage our Multi-Standard Survey feature. The Multi-Standard Survey maps multiple control frameworks to a master list of controls. This enables the assessor to enter control evidence once and report against multiple standards with a single click.


Caliber Security continues to add new standards to Compliance Communicator. Please contact us if a specific standard hasn't been included yet. You can also create custom standards by uploading a spreadsheet. 

Document Control Responses

Assessors enter responses to each control and can upload evidence as needed. Compliance Communicator also helps track progress throughout the assessment by displaying which controls have an updated response. 


Anytime during the assessment, Compliance Communicator can produce a report in a Microsoft Word format. For Multi-Standard assessments, simply select the applicable standard. The control responses will be organized using the applicable standard.

Try Compliance Communicator, or any GRC Select application, with a free trial.

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