GRC Select

Caliber Security Partners GRC Select is a web-based suite of applications to improve specific GRC processes. GRC Select is not a general GRC platform. We selected the highest value GRC scenarios to focus our services and provide to our customers. GRC Select currently contains seven applications.

  • Risk Communicator: Risk Communicator focuses on saving you time, visually communicate, and improving the effectiveness of your risk and budget prioritization process.

  • Compliance Communicator: Compliance Communicator is used to assess current controls against a control standard, including the ability to map multiple standards to a common control set.

  • Metrics Manager: Metrics Manager enables you to define, manage, and communicate your security metrics to demonstrate progress over time.

  • Service Manager: Service Manager enables you to define the set of services your security team provides the business and track how your team's work efforts are distributed.

  • Vuln Tracker: Vuln Tracker compares the age of scanner-based vulnerabilities to your patch timeframes, enabling governance over your vulnerability management process.

Our higher priced subscriptions also include the following:

  • Test Manager: Test Manager streamlines the workflow Caliber Security pen testers use when assessing applications. Test Manager is also available to customers with internal pen test teams.

  • Performance Dashboard: Performance Dashboard provides a holistic view across Test Manager, tracking test case progress, aging findings, and categorizing findings by vulnerability type and asset. Performance Dashboard also summarizes compliance activities across your asset inventory.

During our rollout to GRC Select, some videos may include the legacy name of Security Process Management.

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