Mobile Application Security Testing

The challenges that face a mobile application are different from those of a web application. Different platforms and operating systems, countless devices, and other variables make testing the same application for each operating system a unique challenge and it is difficult for organizations to identify and validate each vulnerability, especially if there is not a dedicated mobile application security testing team within the organization.

The technology surrounding mobile application security is constantly evolving and each new release of your mobile application presents new security flaws and potential vulnerabilities which could cause you to lose the trust of your community which can be devastating to your brand and your culture.

Mobile Application Testing Services

  • Penetration Testing on Top 3 Platforms

    • Android Applications

    • iOS Applications

    • Windows Phone Applications

  • Automated and Manual Testing

  • Vulnerability Confirmation and Risk Analysis

  • Code Review

  • Static Analysis

  • Dynamic Analysis

We can also test web application and other applications that support your mobile application. If there are any specific needs or areas that you would like us to focus on, we can adjust to what is most important to you.

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Assessment Reporting

We believe the report our clients receive is as important as the test itself because if a report cannot be understood then the findings will likely be unclear or unknown. What is the purpose of paying a penetration testing company or consultant for a test only to have to spend days sorting through false positives and findings and deal with inconsistent reports from test to test? 

Through our Test Manager tool, we deliver consistent, usable reports that are easily understood. Say goodbye to the jumbled mess of a report you are accustomed to receiving at the end of a mobile application security test! You will have a clear vision of what your vulnerabilities are so you and your team can take action to continue to secure the trust that is so important to you and your organization.

About Caliber Security Partners

We believe that the foundation of security is trust and that trust is essential to sustaining enduring relationships. Lives, relationships, and organizations are ruined when trust is compromised and the cost and effort of repairing those relationships are often too great to overcome.


We want organizations to increase the trust they have with their community. We do this by helping them protect information that has been entrusted to them. Our mission revolves around trust.


We believe that a mobile application security testing company or consultant should deliver on what was promised and provide consistent, systematic reporting and not just a jumbled mess of a report. We believe in constant communication and keeping clients informed throughout projects with our GRC Select tool which gives real time status updates.


We have helped clients from Fortune 500 companies down to emerging businesses address and remedy their problems. It is through these trusting relationships that we continue to help companies secure their trust.

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