Other Security Services

Do you have a security project that is difficult to name or categorize? You are not alone!

Many of our clients come to us with ideas for projects that seem to defy categories. These often stem from unique circumstances that can be tied to:


  • Infrastructure 

  • Improper or incomplete findings on past engagements 

  • Lack of information or a desire to know more about an application or network architecture

  • General reconnaissance

  • Creative ideas

Don't hesitate to discuss these projects with us. We have a pool of talent that loves addressing unique challenges and projects that are out of the ordinary. A few of the odd projects we have come across have been:

  • Reverse engineered network mapping

  • Software patching paired with security problem solving

  • Traffic analysis and architecture review

Each organization is unique and the problems they encounter can't always be boxed into the same package. Let us know what is going on and we will see what we can do to help.

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