Service Manager

Service Manager is part of the GRC Select Suite. See how other security leaders define their service catalog, manage team capacity, and process maturity.

The Problem

Given the distributed nature of information security, managers often struggle to define and communicate their complete catalog of services. Further, expected resource commitments may differ from actual allocations of internal and external team members.

The Solution

Service Manager streamlines the process of defining a security services catalog using a purpose-built web application. Because demand changes over time, the service catalog also enables Security Managers to track resource allocation, shift resources quickly, and communicate current capacity. Service Manager now includes the ability to track actual vs. target maturity levels across your service catalog.

  • Streamline service definition through pre-populated catalogs.

  • Communicate changes in services and resource allocation over time.

  • Manage capacity using high-level percentages e.g. business as usual, long-term projects, and short-term projects.

  • Visually show actual vs. target process maturity levels.

Application Overview

The Security Services catalog is a powerful tool to communicate team resource allocation, maturity, and formally define roles. The following screenshot shows the capacity management module.

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