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Understanding the Need for Information Security Awareness

December 12, 2012


Over the past ten years we have seen a massive increase in information security attacks such as server side hacking and social engineering and internal leaks. Information security means that you are aware that people out there find interest in your data in order to attack you. Luckily there are many great security awareness training programs that are out there and available. The most common information security awareness training programs will go over a number of crucial topics to better strengthen you and your company's understanding of information security awareness.


Computer Security

Computer Security is the most important part of security awareness training. There are many methods attackers use, such as:


There has been a major increase on malware attacks in recent years and one of the simplest ways these attacks occur is through an employee’s personal computer. Once the employee is infected, the attacker can go about receiving any data the employee is responsible for. Malware may also spread within the network infecting more employees’ data. It is highly recommended to use some sort of anti-virus to fight against malware that is currently floating around the internet.

Server side

Server side exploits are becoming more and more common. A lot of information will be stored on hosting server, so attackers put attention to your servers’ penetration status. If your server is penetrable all information is at jeopardy from staying confidential. An ethical hacking service would test the system penetration status and would apply patches to secure the server.



In the course of security awareness training, confidentiality is a huge subject. You will learn how to properly discuss things with high sensitivity without worrying about a security leak or liability. This includes how to address employees and contractors with sensitive data with a nondisclosure agreement. Nondisclosure agreements are perfect because discussions not only leave you vulnerable but also the person you shared the information with.  In the discussion of confidentiality, you will gain the ability to correctly handle vital information: the last thing we need is some dumpster diver finding all our information.


Legal and Consequences

With such sensitive information, there comes great responsibility. Security awareness training programs discuss the legal liability if someone were to create or cause an internal leak. Failure to protect information can cause loss of employment, criminal or civil charges, and drastic economic consequences to your firm. There could be huge costs if sensitive data were to be leaked or breached.


Work Place

Security in the work place is very much needed to protect information. In a training course one will learn about the physical implications of security. An example of physical security would be cameras around the work area. There should be a report system in the work place, if someone has seen or heard something suspicious there should be a place they can report it. Each employee should have a security badge that has there identification and credentials as well, to not only deter any outsiders but to also protect your employees from any potential harm from intruders.

In conclusion, if you are holding sensitive information and have not had awareness training it is mandatory to do so. You can always outsource your awareness security to Security Partners like Caliber Security that can walk you through every step.

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