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Fun with Process Management

January 5, 2011


Since we released our (beta) maturity measurement tool, I've been talking a lot about how and why you'd want to measure current and target maturity levels. It's interesting to show folks an easy tool because it changes the excuses why they never seem to get around to it. The benefits are being able to communicate where you're aligned and where you need improvement. Setting expectations aren't only important for performance reviews and second dates...

The best conversations I had centered around this:

"Why take time to measure maturity when we're struggling just to keep our heads above water? We're in a blender with other people playing with the pulse button. What are the basics we can do quickly. If there's value, we'll invest more time."

Such great points. The good news is a long lunch and a note taker make for a fine v1 list of what you do (services/processes).  Defining who does what and who's neck is on the line usually takes a white board (and trusty note taker). Before you know it you'll hear rumors about how much you care about your team and job.

So just for fun, here are some suggestions on the order of which process management exercises to do first. Forgive the levity, I have to get my blog legs back.

Maturity levelStateTools/Deliverables (for next level)


1. Ad HocI like long hours and complaining.Stale documents on fileshares.Heroes only club
2. RepeatableI know what we do, we’re just too smart to write it down.-Basic Service CatalogGlass houses, stones
3. DefinedHere’s how to engage me, what I do, and who I do it with.-RACI
4. MeasuredIt’s kind of fun to know what success looks like. Don’t punish me for saying No without sufficient resources.-Metrics
-Costing model for $ervices
-Managed capacity
-Measured maturity
No victims
5. OptimizedOk, it wasn’t as hard as I thought to get here. I just needed a team effort. This is actually kind of fun.-SIPOC
-Balanced scorecard

Seriously, getting to step 3 is fast. Step four requires some management air cover. You don't want other teams thinking you're better than them!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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