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Your Company Can’t Wait, You Need Ethical Hacking Services

October 3, 2012


Is your company one of thousands of businesses that has retained sensitive data? This can include names, birth dates, addresses, credit card information, copies of personal ID’s, taxes, licenses, social security numbers, banking information, account login and passwords, and more. More importantly, are you currently one of the over fifty-percent of businesses that are a fish in tank of data and resources for sharks (or hackers), leaving you and your business vulnerable and potentially liable for damages? Has your website been attacked and or hacked before?


Ask yourself : “How can I prevent my business from being vulnerable from these hackers’ attacks and/or stop the attacks in progress?” One simple answer, “Ethical Hacking Services.”

Ethical Hacking Services, also known as “White Hats” have three key objectives: Challenge/ Seek, Patch, and Secure. “Challenge/Seek network security systems for vulnerabilities, patch code, secure data, and constantly inform yourself of new possible types of attacks.”


Challenging/Seeking vulnerabilities in a network security system is difficult and can vary between network and application types. After seeking and determining the vulnerabilities, a threat and risk assessment is made. A written report is created that will rate every exploit/vulnerability found on the network or application. The vulnerabilities will then be rated on how dangerous the exploit is and will determine which holes should be addressed first. Depending on the client and nature of the attack, this process might be different each time. In most cases network system administrators utilized a threat assessment application to produce a vulnerability report and outsource the patching and securing of the network to a professional ethical hacking company or consultant.



In order for you to patch your system or application, it is important for you to gather as much information as possible, including a threat assessment report, the type of vulnerability, and what part of the system is being compromised. Afterwards, it’s time to access the network or source code and apply the fixes. In some cases a detailed written report can be created with exact instructions on how to apply the patches. All fixes should be applied in order of risk placement, as some exploits are more urgent than others.


Once the seeking and patching steps are completed then it’s time to re-scan or re-seek for new vulnerabilities and other risks, ensuring that the system or application is secure. We take a new threat assessment test against all of the patches that have been applied to ensure full security is in place. After all steps are completed it is important to be constantly alert for any new possible threats and to ensure that when any other changes are made to your system or application that the process above is repeated.

Again the reason for contracting an ethical hacking professional is because it is extremely important to work with an up-to-date and knowledgeable team that has had years of experience in that specific industry. To be a professional ethical hacker you need to understand the mindset of the current hackers (also known as ‘black hats’) that are constantly looking for new victims to be their prey.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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