Tab founded Caliber Security Partners in 2010, with the idea that security needed to change from just a technical deliverable to include security from an executive view and management of risk. He brings over 15 years of information security knowledge and is highly connected throughout the United States. If you need to find someone in security chances are Tab knows them or he can get an introduction quickly. He’s the former founder of The Zyon Group and co-founder of Mindpoint.net. He’s held executive positions within information security services providers as well as IT companies. Work and security are his passions, but if he’s not doing that check one of the lakes, rivers, or the Puget Sound, because he’s probably out fishing. 

Tab Pierce

Jonathan Landis brings 10 years of security experience to Caliber. He has experience both as a consultant and as a member of the security team at a major regional bank. At Caliber, Jonathan built Caliber's suite of Web-based applications, developed processes for binary patching mobile applications for testing purposes, and performed numerous web application security tests. Jonathan's educational background is in mathematics, in which he earned a Master's degree in 2005.

Managing Director of Security Services 
Jonathan Landis

Jackson joined Caliber Security Partners in 2014 as an accountant and has since expanded his role and oversees operations. He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. While at Pacific Lutheran University, he earned three letters as part of Scott Westering's team that went the playoffs in 2012 and 2013. Jackson also competed on the Track and Field team throwing hammer, discus, and shot put. He has been coaching high school throwers since 2016 and is currently the throws coach at Arlington High School. He was brought up as a leader and has demonstrated the ability to make a difference in those around him through service and a desire to help others to be the best they can be. Jackson's main goals at Caliber are to facilitate sustainable growth and provide optimal value to Caliber's clients, vendors, employees, and shareholders. 

Vice President of Operations
Jackson Pierce

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